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Ilsa Strix
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Monica Bellucci: Matrix: Revolutions

I think if we want to talk about Female Domination, or S&M, in mainstream films, first we need to start with a story from Hollywood itself. When I first started scouring the internet for FemDom and fetish material there were 2 Dominatrixes that often filled my fantasies. In a time where internet clips were measured in seconds two beautiful Dommes turned me on immensely. One was the amazing Isabella Sinclaire, from Gwen Media. The second was a statuesque blonde, that as it turns out, would have a big influence on mainstream kink in an interesting way, Mistress Ilsa Strix.
Everyone has seen The Matrix” series of movies. Everyone has also seen the sort of leather S&M influence on the movies, and especially for

Hollywood and FemDom

Larry ( Now, Lana) and Karin

fetishists the “Matrix Revolutions,” use of latex costumes on the incredibly stunning Italian actress Monica Bellucci. The producers/directors of those movies and “Bound” were the Wachowski Brothers. An interesting thing

happened with these movies. The brothers had an interesting contract that basically said they didn’t have to do any interviews, etc, for the movies. Why is that?

Well, if you look at the credits on IMDB now, you will see all reference to the Directors/producers have been wiped clean of the title Wachowski Brothers and replaced with names. Not only that, instead of the brothers names ( Andy and Larry) you get the names Andy and “Lana.” Yes, it is now the Wachowski siblings as “Larry” IS now “Lana.” Lana, indeed had a sex change.

I t seems Larry had been heavily involved in the kink world and was a woman trapped in a man’s body. He  had been seeing one of L.A.’s most sought after Domina’s, Ilsa Strix. What happened next is both bizarre and wonderful (for us that enjoy the kinky world, and acceptance) Larry and Ilsa (Karin

Mainstream FemDom movies, FemDom scenes, dominatrix

Winslow) suddenly

ran off and got married. Ilsa also suddenly dropped out of the Domination scene altogether, and from what I have read it was even a shock to people who knew Her, and she even dropped her long time submissive ( also transgendered) acquaintance with little to no warning. Soon after Larry became the transgendered Lana. (Update: 3/05/2016, Andy Wachowski has now also came out as Transgendered and goes by the name “Lilly” Wachowski)

Dominatrix in movies, Mainstream kink, femdom

Lucy Liu: Payback

All that kind explains a lot about the whole aesthetics of movies like the Matrix and Bound, and just lets you know that sometimes there is plenty of kink behind the scenes that leads to kink on the screen.

Female Domination and BDSM has been something that has popped up in mainstream movies from time to time and for those of us that worship the awesomeness of everything FemDom is has developed somewhat of a cult following. I won’t get in to a debate about how it helps acceptance or hurts it or anything like that but I just wanted to highlight some of the great scenes and movies that have some particularly interesting scenes that might be interesting to us that look for it.

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Anegelina Jolie: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

First I would like to say that Female Domination BDSM scenes in the mainstream are some of the first things that draw people into, and are many times the first exposure people have to the kinkier side of life.

Those of U/us that explore deeper realize that much of what W/we see is pretty tame and doesn’t go much further than a the superficial, but Hollywood has a way of making things extremely sexy and attractive in a way that hardcore films just can’t, and sometimes that can be almost as great as watching the real deal. Therefore sometimes it is a break from

the hardcore stuff that we get into watching on the internet. The list I am providing is only a small one. I am also not going to list some movies here that have heavy themes of Female Domination but don’t really have related aesthetic scenes. It’s not a list of all, and they’re not in any particular order, but I have included some of the reasons why they are good ones to check out. Again, it is a list of superficial, more aesthetic domination, but it is a fun list.

My Normal (2009) : This is a movie I would have missed had I not been looking specifically for theses movies. It is about a lesbian, who is working as a Dominatrix and dealing with her job, her love life, and trying to get into Her dream job of the Movie Industry. It has a great, hot opening scene and a little more than half-way through has a great Foot worship/Financial Domination/public humiliation scene. Awesome!

Mainstream femdom, femdom in film, dominatrix moviesPreaching to the Perverted (1997) :

This one is a well known British cult film. Sort of a tongue in cheek comedy that has some great imagery…and is interesting. If you like it, they are currently raising money to preserve this movie.

Dominatrix scenes in movies
Payback (1999):

Ok, so everyone loves Lucy Liu as a Dominatrix, especially ever since being the hard charging aggressive woman in Ally McBeal she seems to have sort of a Dominatrix scene in almost every movie she has done since, The second Charlie’s Angels movie gets an honorable mention to attest to this.

Dana Delaney, Exit to Eden, FemDom in mainstreamExit to Eden (1994):

A comedy featuring Dan Akroyd and Rosie O’Donnell (yes she puts on Domme gear in this one) this movie features a photographer that at the suggestion of his therapist takes a trip to a BDSM tropical Island. I can’t imagine how many teenage boys suddenly became Female Domination fans and have been drooling over Dana Delaney’s Head Mistress character since, but I am still a fan of her’s since.

Female Domination in moviesBitter Moon (1992):

Not the usual Hugh Grant movie it features Peter Coyote who gets involved with a Dominant Woman whom he becomes addicted to even though it is completely to his detriment. Not one of my favorites mostly because I am not a fan of the style of it or the actors, but it definitely has what some fans are looking for.

FemDom, dominatrix, tricia helfer, leelee sobieskiWalk All Over Me (2007):

Leelee Sobieski moves in with a friend that happens to be a Dominatrix. Don’t expect much here, The summary of this movie makes it sound like it has more S&M than it actually does, but hey, Sobieski and Tricia Helfer are great to look at.

FemDom, Female Domination, mainstream moviesJill Rips, aka Jill the Ripper (2007) :

Dolph Lundgren is a cop whose brother is murdered and he has to go undercover in the “Seedy” S&M world to find the killer. OK, Dolph Lundgren? Yes, I know…Not a great movie but it does have some good imagery none the less

FemDom in mainstream, Dominatrix in movies, kinky moviesGoing Under (2004):

A married man falls in love with the Dominatrix he has been seeing, and decides to divorce as his Domme is moving on from the dungeon she is working at. I started watching this one but never got more than 10 minutes into it, but hopefully I will attempt to watch it again.
Real Men (1987), Jim Belushi takes home the “shy” girl from the bar….
From Beyond (1986) Sci fi flick but has a good Dominatrix scene
Reefer Madness (2005) Kristen Bell has a hot song and dance number in this one
50 pills (2006), the basement domination scene, plus the schoolgirl scene….nice
Audition (1999), The final acupuncture/paralysis scene
The Loved Ones (2009), if you’re into hardcore torture, this one has a few good ones
The World is Not Enough (1999), Sophie Marceau!
Golden Eye (1995), I was instantly in love with Xenia Onatopp ( Famke Janssen)
Poison Ivy: The New Seduction (1997) Jaime Presley is looking hot, evil, and cruel
American Wedding (2003), Nikki Zering…amazingly hot
Slackers (2002), Laura Prepon (That 70’s Show) has a kink streak in this one
Tomcats (2001), Jerry O’Connell and the librarian….and granny
Body of Evidence (1993), Madonna and Willem Dafoe get out the belt and hot wax
Love and Human Remains, (1993) Mia Kirshner plays a “Psychic Dominatrix”
Jawbreaker (1999) The Popsicle scene
Lair of the White Worm (1988), Lady Amanda Marsh seduces and takes a bite out of a poor innocent boy scout
Mr & Mrs Smith  (2005), Angelina Jolie in a short, hot scene
Tamara (2005), Hypnosis/trance Forced Bi scene, “..who’s going to pitch, and who’s gonna catch…”
The Craft (1996), a love spell produces quite the subby
Bordello of Blood (1996) Dennis Miller gets a little to close to a vampire in a bordello Dungeon
One Night at McCools (2001) Liv Tyler with a whip!
Raging Hormones (1999), Screwball comedy where a young guy trying to earn money for college ends up as the Beautiful married neighbors sex slave.

American Mary (2012), Great scene about halfway through involving bondage, suspension, and body mods. If your into offbeat horror/dark comedy, this is really a great movie.

Machete Kills (2013) Tarantino’s Machete 70’s film noir/sexploitation film homage. This one features Sofia Vergara as a Dominatrix, Desdemona. I can’t wait to see that!

One Hour Fantasy Girl (2009) – OK, so not such a Mainstream movie, but here when I mean mainstream I’m speaking of non-xxx, skinemax movies so this still counts. Low budget and hard to find indy film, but has some good BDSM scenes. It can be found on Amazon

Shade (2003)- Thandie Newton gets hit on in a bar, portrays a Dominatrix and brings him home to the dungeon, once bound she reveals a “more than kinky” surprise.

After Fall, Winter (2011) – I have seen this one before and I give thanks to Gusty for commenting and giving me an excuse to finally add it.

 – My Mistress (2014) – I haven’t seen this one yet but the trailers look extremely promising, The site said it came out in November 2014, and hopefully it will come to DVD soon. It’s an Australian movie, the link goes to the films website and you can also find it at IMDB.

Update: I felt this one had promise but sold a false set of goods when watched. Part of me wants to be honest and say that the amount of FemDom porn I have consumed has me a bit too critical and dellusional when it comes to what can be got away with without being considered porn, Some scenes were good, and for a mainstream movie, it is definitely worth checking out, and has more of its content share than a lot of others on the list. My disappointment came from the relationship of the previews to the actual product.

 – The Duke Of Burgundy (2014) – Scheduled for release in the U.S. in late January 2015, this one looks decent but it is Woman on woman  focused. Worth a look

Knock Knock (2015) – Keanu Reeves’s is a family man home alone for a weekend when 2 young women show up  at his doorstep in the rain and claiming to be flight attendents in town for the night and lost. Stuff ensues. The blonde, Ana De Armas, is a smoking hot young woman!

Succubus: Hell Bent (2007) – Low Budget but the “Succubus” is smokin’ hot! It’s free on the FrightPix XBox live video app.

Thursday (1998) – I am mystified why it took so long to list this one! There is a great scene with Paulina  Porizkova on Thomas Jane who is bound to a chair! (also, this scene in on one of the movie posters, If you find an online shop that has it full size leave a link in the comments. I can only find one site with the German one, but it’s either a download or just a 11in.x 17in. I want a 24x 36. I think there is an English version , but like I said, let me know if you find one)

The Brass Teapot (2012) – Juno Temple takes a weak belt lash or two before turning the tables and showing how a lash should be dished out. A small verbal humiliation scene later in the movie as well.

Urge (2016) – A group of friends vacation on an island for the weekend. They take an inhibition dropping drug that is only supposed to be used once, of course, once is never enough. Danny Masterson gets tied up, gagged, and tortured by a sexy co-worker.

As suggested by amazing kink/Femdom author extraordinaire Irv O. Neil
The Choirboys (1977),
Moonlight Whispers or Sasayaki (1999 japanese)


I know this is just a short list. There are plenty of others, especially foreign ( non U.S.) films as we in the U.S. have some serious hang ups when it comes to sex, sexuality and nudity. Feel free to comment with more. I deliberately left out Basic Instinct, as it really did nothing for me and I think the discussions about S&M themes in it were far more scandalous than anything that actually took place in the film.

Nazi dominatrix, scarlett Johansson, female domination, dominatrix

Scarlett Johansson: The Spirit

Lastly, a disclaimer. As I wrote, Female Domination and BDSM is often used as a punch line or a sinister plot line. This is NOT the real BDSM world. Practicing kinksters out there tend to be very well educated, have a great sense of humor, are generous and warm caring people, who just like things in life to be a bit more exciting. BDSM lends itself to self exploration and learning and in no way  does it make anyone a bad person. It’s just sexy as hell!I also didn’t include the Comic Book superhero movies as there are some obvious ones to choose from like any Catwoman movie, many Batmans, GI Joe, etc…and I do absolutely love Scarlett Johansson in “The Spirit,” but those are as I said…Obvious. So what are your favorites?

Feel free to share your favorite FemDom themed scenes in mainstream movies!