Kinkbomb Studio Spotlight: Goddess Kyaa!

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Goddess Kyaa

  This weeks Kinkbomb Studio Spotlight goes to the beautiful, amazing, and sadistic Goddess Kyaa. Anyone that has been around Financial Domination would either have to be a fool or completely blind to not have
seen this leggy Goddess. She has the height, body, and beauty of something straight of the Victoria’s Secret runway and a Dominant, sadistic mind that drives submissive men wild, to bankruptcy, and has driven Her Kinkbomb studio to the top of the charts!

Financial Domination, Goddess Kyaa, FemDom, rules

Rules of Conduct

Stockings, Domme Kyaa, high heels, Goddess Worship

Daily Worship Video: 11-03-2012

If you want to peak into Goddess Kyaa’s life and wicked mindfucking style Her Kinkbomb studio is just the place for you! WIth videos, tribute options, and boy melting photo sets there are more than 2000 things floating around to choose from. Be warned, Goddess Kyaa is a sadist and if you desire to submit to Her you should start by first purchasing Her rules of conduct video. You will need that one to not only serve the perfection that is Domme Kyaa, but also to be able to request any kind of custom clips. And who wouldn’t want the honor of being able to get a custom clip from a Goddess?
She has plenty of feet clips. Bare feet, feet clothed in various sexy socks, boots, heels, stockings. It is all feet and leg fans will obviously be instantly infatuated. Personally I am a huge fan of the patterned stocking and with dangerously long legs like Hers, it’s kryptonite. In fact almost all the clips in this studio are shot (in High Definition) from a low camera angle which not only will drive a foot slave crazy, but also provides a sort of not so subliminal message of Goddess Kyaa’s superiority. You are lower and lesser than Her at all times. Giantess fans will swoon after that as well. Not to mention the clips of Her in the pleated Schoolgirl type skirt, which again, I am a lush for.

CBT, Foot worship, sadistic Goddess, chastity

Lick my toes (if you can) Cruel CBT and
foot worship with real-time slave

There are other great clips as well, such as the sensation play video involving a glass butt plug. There are some cbt videos. Of course Financial Domination is always front and center as well. Nothing in life is free, especially when it comes to those that you want so much. With an in demand Goddess like Kyaa, you can be sure that She will make it hurt. But you full well know that She deserves every penny and more, and you also know there is no way you could resist. If it didn’t have an entertainment value, Goddess Kyaa probably wouldn’t truly ever even need to break a boy! For financial subs and those that like a more mental form of Domination and like orders to follow this is also a great studio for that. She is definitely in charge in every clips as the humiliation never ceases. She doesn’t JUST want your money, She wants every fiber of your being!there and is wonderful. You will become hypnotized by  the site of Her flexing Her delicious peds.

Tease, humiliation, FemDom, legs

Goddess Kyaa & Princess Rene:
Blonde Domination w/Princess Rene

It is not all about brutal no nonsense Domination though. Goddess Kyaa also has a sensual side, especially when She has a boy locked in chastity. That’s when She will use that amazing body, and all your fetishes and weaknesses against you. That’s when all you can do is sit there squirming and begging. Hearing Her laugh at your predicament and devotion to Her is infectious as well.Don’t think this Goddess can only handle men in a POV fashion either. She has some wonderfully cruel videos from a recent visit by one of Her long term financial slaves where Her cruelty is in full effect. I said before, Domme Kyaa refers to Herself as a sadist (and Her slaves can probably fully attest to that fact). Her sadism isn’t limited to physical pain as She is also a mental a financial sadist as well. She will make a man hurt in so many ways and make him beg for more and feel guilty for even thinking about resisting.
For those that truly want to serve be sure to start purchasing the daily videos offered in Her studio. Not only are they an amazingly wonderful way to make sure you are serving your Goddess regularly, but they are also affordable enough that there can be no excuse not to buy them.Want to see 2 Domme videos? Goddess Kyaa has plenty of clips where She teams up with other Dommes
like Princess Rene, Domme Jayne, and Mistress T to name a few.

Currently Goddess Kyaa has been working on Her own spectacular Dungeon for those privileged slaves who have served Her well for a long period of time. Don’t you wish that was you? With a Dungeon like that you can expect that Goddess Kyaa isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and Her studio will be remaining on top for awhile to come.

SchoolGirl Domination,JOI, ruined orgasm, Financial Domination
“My Pleasure comes first” Ruined orgasm, JOI,
Financial Domination

Goddess Kyaa on Kinkbomb
Goddess Kyaa’s website:
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