Weekly Kinkbomb Studio Spotlight: Obey Amai

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Amai Liu

   This week please checkout the wonderfully devious Kinkbomb Studio of Amai Liu : Obey Amai. Click the pics and links to visit, buy and enjoy


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Princess Amai & Princess Mabel: Mind Numbing Pantyhose Domination

The studio is almost like a journal or documentary of the destruction of this poor boy as much as it is erotic humiliation entertainment.
Why does this guy really hang around? Well, wouldn’t you? great Amai Liu has those cute Asian girl next door looks that drive men wild. She looks as those She is an innocent teenager in all Her girly splendor but inside lurks the mind of a devious, Financial Domination and humiliation Princess. The Pigtails She usually wears only adds to this uber sexy betrayal of looks vs. intent. Her ex boyfriend is the enslaved target of Her decadent whims and evil experiments, he is often locked in chastity, and forced to perform excruciatingly humiliating tasks all for the pleasure of this beautiful Princess.

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Pay My Feet and Ass, Loser!

Not only does Amai dominate Her ex-boyfriend puppy dog but of particular note are the clips in which Her friend fellow Asian Financial Domme Princess Mabel joins in bringing his torture to a whole new level. You definitely need to check out those clips because the 2 Girls (Amai &Princess Mabel) are sizzling hot in every frame.

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Chastity Blow Job

Chastity is a huge theme in this one as well, and why not. Once you have the cock locked away it’s pretty much easy to get a boy to submit to almost anything in order to at least have a chance to jerk it. Amai takes full advantage of this tease and denial leverage. Of note are chastity blow job clips which She teases Her locked up slave with the warmth of Her perfect mouth on the hard plastic cage which would drive any man out of his mind. With chastity there is always a bit of cuckolding, besides Her slave is Her ex-boyfriend. There are plenty of foot clips in this one. Amai has plenty of fun stuffing Her tiny feet into the poor boys mouth making him worship Her even when he is

reluctant. Although we all already know he is anything but reluctant. There is a couple of good boot clips. She doesn’t always stuff his mouth full of Her toes though. Sometimes Amai would

rather just shove a big fat strap-on down his throat as well. Be sure to check out

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Forcing My Loser Ex-BF to suck My Strap-on

that clip, as fans will be blowing there load just looking at Amai weilding that faux phallus.
Financial Domination clips are also available as Amai has been slowly draining this guy for a long time now. Again chastity has been a wonderful tool for turning him into a human atm machine for her desires. And the specter of even more depraved humiliation is always a sure fire way to get a man to pay.

There are a few puppy play scenes as well. What humiliation junkie wouldn’t like being on a leash, having Amai Liu standing over them, making them eat from a dog bowl, or be ridden like a pony by Her and
Princess Mabel? I know I would volunteer any day.

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Public Puppy Training & Exposing at My Hotel

So head on over to Obey Amai on Kinkbomb to see the cute, petite, pigtailed, Asian girl Amai Liu show just how cruel a giggling Bratdomme can be. It is very much worth watching and Amai Herself is an addictively beautifu treat. You may just find yourself with and addiction.

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Public Human ATM & Public High Heel Worship

If you are into straight up POV Domination and humiliation you might not be into this studio. If so, Amai Liu is also one of the humiliatrixes at Humiliation POV, and She has tribute buttons for you obedient boys. She also has some great Clips over at Pay To Obey as well. This studio is great though if you are into Bratdomme humiliation and domination where you actually like to see a Domme interact with a submissive. To me that adds a bit of authenticity to a Domme that can be just as erotic and fun as anything in the POV world. Some Domination fans also seem to have some sort of problem with girls that have done porn in the past being a Domme, as if a girl that has done porn is somehow can’t be dominant, and to that i have to call BS. In fact i may even be more turned on by that.

So Come Visit Amai Liu’s Kinkbomb Studio: Obey Amai

Or check out Her more POV orientated videos by joining: Humiliation POV & Pay To Obey ..among others.

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